TruSteel Buildings

Mini Storage | Boat & RV Storage | Climate Controlled Storage

Interested in building mini storage?

Lets us know what sizes you are wanting to build.

30’x200’ buildings are very common and allow for 44 units. 6 @ 5’x10’ on one 30’ wall and 19 @ 10’x10’, 19 @ 10’x20’ on the 200’ wall.

There are various ways to build Boat/RV Storage. Some customers prefer to have open air storage with just the roof and 1 side wall sheeted while others want larger 12x14 doors with individual bays for their clients.

We can also build climate control buildings. Climate control buildings typically have the highest return per sq/ft.

Our buildings are 100% steel and can be custom built to meet your specific needs. Reach out to us so we can get your project started!